All go on the Weston Front!

Apart from adding several titles to I have tried my hand at poetry and pleased a few people like it. I have signed a contract with Wheelers, a book distributor to libraries around the world, and have made 10 titles available. Should be out there in a week or so. One of my short stories got 5 stars and I think it is a small printing / publishing company. I have dropped them a line of thanks. I gave Banaby Wilde a 4 star review for his poems, Elephant on a bicycle. I also collected another fan on smash. Not a bad week, then. Thanks to anybody checking my stuff out. Appreciate it.


About unclegarf

I am Gary Weston, AKA Shannon Levin, a writer of a diverse amount of stuff. This blog is simply for any readers with questions or comments about the books to converse with the author. Bring it on.
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One Response to All go on the Weston Front!

  1. Many thanks for the review of ‘A Little Bit Elephant’ – a first to get a review in verse! I hope to check out some Gary Weston soon.

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